About us

We came to consulting from major business. We built our first customer experience management system when we were top managers at KyivStar. Several major companies became interested in what we accomplished and invited us to implement similar systems for them. That’s how CX Design came about.

With our help, you will understand what your customers want, build a customer experience  management system, and in this way achieve perfect business results.

We implement projects that are important for your business

Projects we’re invited to work on are strategic-level projects with expected effects of 10% or more of the company’s turnover.  Service design involves launching internal start-ups, releasing new products, or improving key processes that have a direct effect on the company’s income. As for NPS systems, they are a particular kind of cultural transformation: the company starts to use regular feedback from its customers as the basis for its actions.


With our help, you will implement the best international practices

The methods we use are the best the world has to offer. We acquired them by implementing projects together with leading global consulting companies, such as McKinsey, Bain, Miller Hayman, and BCG. We know beyond the shadow of a doubt that by using Service Design and NPS, one can create breakthrough products and services. It is our intent to work with our clients to implement projects that will set standards for excellence not only in Ukraine, but around the world.


Our methods can be applied in any industry

We have implemented more than 20 projects aimed at improving customer experience. We’ve proven in practice that methods we use in one area work in others, as well. Our experience includes projects in banking, retail, logistics, car care, and utilities. Customer experience is equally important for B2C and B2B businesses.

Each industry has unique features: the needs and motivation of customers; how and why they use goods/services; factors influencing their loyalty. However, in almost every case, improved customer loyalty improves business results and depends on the quality of the customer experience. Customer experience management processes are always based on common principles, and they use common methods: determining customers’ needs, expectations, and motivation, creating services corresponding to them, establishing a customer-centered culture, and working systematically with feedback.


We know how to introduce changes in major businesses

We do more than just offer our clients an instrument for solving certain problems – we help them undergo a cultural transformation and make their business customer-centered. During our time working in top positions at a major company, we changed key functions of the business in order to put the focus on customers. We know what obstacles lie ahead, how to motivate the team, and what’s genuinely important for CEOs and various divisions and functions of a company. We have experience overcoming resistance to change.

It’s the combination of the best methodology, knowledge of how it should work in a company, and practical experience of implementation that ensures projects’ success.


Where to start

Let’s meet. A meeting doesn’t create any obligations. It would be our pleasure to help you to find out how to achieve excellent business results by managing customer experience and providing service that will make your customers loyal.  Contact us to arrange a meeting.

Our principles


Understand what the client wants: science and art.


Successful clients make your business successful.


Only actions bring results,
not just talk.

Our clients

We work with the largest Ukraininan and international companies. They know that investing in the best customer experience today is a guarantee of a return on their investment in the future.





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