Service Design Certification Program

Get a team of your own designers capable of successfully pursuing complex service or product design opportunities, whether internal or external to your company!

Program Content

Workshops by Coach Designer and the Program Group

Weekly workshops teaching and practicing top tools of service design, design projects sales and management

Actual Design by Participant Designer and his or her design project Team

Pursuing his or her own projects with his or her design team

Individual Coaching by Coach Designer and Participant Designer

Weekly individual coaching sessions

Who should enroll

  • UI/UX designers
  • Product or value proposition managers
  • Customer experience managers

willing to become full blown service design practitioners

  • Product or Service Designers

looking to advance and complement crucial skills

  • Participations with active projects

at the initial stages or the ones to be started

Previous experience in service design is not necessary


Participants will be granted two levels of achievement acknowledgement in pursuing the Program

Attended the Service Design Certification Program and successfully completed in-session assignments

upon completion of the Program, given that 80% of the workshops were attended and 100% of assignments for all Program workshops were accepted as completed

Certified Service Design Practitioner as successfully demonstrated all top-notch designer behaviors in the real-life project

upon completion of the Program, given that 80% of the workshops were attended and 100% of assignments for all Program workshops were accepted as completed with 7 or better score out of 10

and upon completion of the Participant’s Design Project, given that:

  • all the designer behaviors as per Program Curriculum were assessed and granted 7 or better score out of 10 at the coaching sessions
  • and 100% of the coaching sessions were run evenly throughout the Program and the Participant’s Design Project

Why pursue your Program?

Delivering the Program to achieve measurable business results in your company, rather than educating
Unique efficient program Curriculum and methodology

Forming behaviors of the attendees, rather than information sharing
Combining cross-disciplinary subjects for the application benefit

  • service design
  • customer-centric sales
  • value proposition management
  • service design to agile transition
  • business coaching
  • and more
Coaches combine unique expertise of
  • CEO and C-level business acumen across Transformation, Digital, Sales and Marketing domains for international companies
  • cross-industry learnings in over 10 of six to twelve months’ service design projects across telecom, IT, banking and finance, electronics retail, auto-moto retail, infrastructure, logistics
  • over 10 years of training and educational experience
  • best practices of the Service Design Network – biggest organization uniting Service Design practitioners and coaches

How you will benefit

Pursuing your individual career or business plans due to

Your team
  • achieving better results by applying world-class service design thinking, consulting and sales practices
  • being motivated due to growing, developing and partaking in the fruit-bearing world-class practices

Your customers
  • better achieving business or personal goals and better enjoying your services
  • staying with you longer and spending with you more

Your business
  • outperforming competition and growing better
  • measurably changing culture towards innovation, cross-functional creativity and customer centricity

The typical educational day

10:00 - 14:00: half-day workshop on tools of service design
15:00 - 19:00: individual certification coaching sessions

Session duration will depend on amount of participants

  • from 20 minute sprint for the group of 10
  • to 50 minutes session for the group of 4

Participants with projects going beyond the Program educational duration and pursuing full Certification will be able to book coaching sessions to fit the pace of their projects

Additional individual coaching sessions within or after the Program, coach participation in the actual participants projects, etc. can be booked separately and planned for in advance.

Some workshops will be “out of the building”:

  • first line visits
  • user observations
  • user interviews in context
  • prototyping

Group Requirements

  • minimum participants
  • maximum 10 participants
Initial Screening

The group should be aligned. There will be a screening interview, preceded with submission of the following:

  • projects portfolio
  • motivational letter
  • projects proposed to be pursued within the program

Duration and time

Overall Program Duration

Program content and, therefore, duration may vary depending on the attendees’ level of competence, practice and time available.

Good practice is 12 – 16 Program days, over a time period of 2 – 4 months

Weekly time expenditure

Depending on the option you choose

  • minimum 2 days:
    • education: 1 day
    • project: 1 day and more
  • maximum 4 days:
    • education: 2 days
    • project: 2 days and more

Interested or have questions?

Please, message
Program Coach
at  CX design:

Andrey Milinevskiy
FB Messenger: Andrey Milinevskiy
Whats App, Viber: +380 67 2477150


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