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Service design is used by numerous leading and well-known companies in Ukraine and worldwide. They apply it to create and transform products, services, and customer experiences. The only way to learn service design is through practice. Probably by engaging with those who practice it. And ideally, you want a quick start. In a perfect world, the process should be interesting, dynamic, and fun. That is the idea behind this course.

In teams of 3–5, we solve a real and challenging business task. We thoughtfully utilize over 20 tried-and-tested international instruments. Step-by-step, we practice different templates, the process, and the way of thinking itself. We find inspiration by conducting field studies and testing with real customers. We take our over 200-page resource materials so we can start practicing service design in our work “from Monday”.

course partner

First Ukrainian International Bank aims to create competitive products and provide an excellent experience for its clients. That’s why the Bank’s top management team worked with the course creator to prepare an interesting task for the learning team: to provide onboarding into the bank’s key products for physical and digital channels with the option to redesign the product if necessary.

One of the Bank’s senior managers will also take part in the course. At the beginning of day one, they will discuss the task with the team, and will return at the end of day three to watch the presentations of solutions. The Bank will also open its doors for interviews and prototyping with clients.

Who might find this interesting and why?


Product, project, marketing, brand, and category managers

who want to improve a product’s performance or organize the quality launch of a new one. Find new solutions to bring to life.


who want their teams to master a new approach so they can create more competitive products, services, and innovations

Business analysts, UX designers

who want to feel more confident when they have to go beyond the limits of a digital solution and create designs and prototypes of full digital-offline ecosystems

Customer experience managers

who want to increase the value of their work in the company and start working on product and service design

Startup owners

who want to create a successful product and avoid costly alterations

What can you gain from the course?

  • an understanding of how to conduct a service design project from start to finish
  • knowledge and practical experience in using key service design instruments
  • templates for all project stages to assist in organizing workshops, keeping track of important matters, and moving projects forward
  • knowledge of how to improve a service or product when it’s only possible to make part of the design: only office work, only a study, only ideation, or only prototyping
  • knowledge and skills for using service design in regular work and in your new personal projects
  • knowledge of how to become a qualified service design client
  • communication and networking in a creative and diverse team of design enthusiasts


Course program

Day 1

Service design and other kinds of design
  • The method idea
  • Service design as a process, instrument selection, ways of thinking, management approach, cross-functional language
  • Case studies
Service design project start
  • Project brief–”How could we” question, goals–tasks–boundaries of the project
  • Three sources of inspiration for solving difficult problems
  • Map and expectations of stakeholders
  • Interview with a business client
  • Creating a project team
  • Key analytical instruments – Customer Journeys and Customer Profiles – how to use them at the start of a project
  • Extreme users and how to use them in your study
  • Task reframing
Research in service design
  • Map of research methods and best methods
  • How to conduct recruitment for your research—with or without a budget
  • How to prepare for and conduct observations, in-depth and ad hoc interviews
  • Plan for researching best practices
  • Travel outside the learning space to conduct field studies

Day 2

Synthesis of research results
  • How to use the research of best practices
  • How to process the results of field studies
  • How to use the Research Wall
  • How and when to use conceptualization instruments, Persona and Customer Clusters
  • How and when to use the Customer Journey conceptualization instrument
  • How to summarize findings in the formulation of Key Insight
  • How to prepare for effective ideation and formulate main questions
Creating new feasible ideas
  • Simple and difficult tasks: how to solve them
  • Effective ideation methods
  • Ideation through brainstorming
  • Ideation using analogies
Selecting ideas for prototyping and implementation
  • Groups of solutions and chains of solutions
  • Prioritization of solutions
  • Creating concepts for selected solutions
  • Formulating value propositions for selected solutions

Day 3

  • How prototyping works: stages and principles
  • How to create simple prototypes
  • How to create complex prototypes for different solutions—from the sales process in a retail chain to digital platforms
  • How to prepare a conjoint analysis
  • Travel outside the learning space to test prototypes with customers
  • How to continue with design during prototyping
Creating pilot projects, presenting and implementing solutions
  • When it’s important to conduct a pilot project and how
  • How to continue with design when conducting a pilot project
  • A map of success factors for implementation: a designer’s dream and reality
  • Presenting solutions to the business client
Express discussion: extreme cases of service design use
  • 5 methods of customer-oriented design when a customer study is impossible
  • when there is absolutely no time
  • when you can only create part of the design, e.g. only prototyping
  • how service design coexists with other kinds of design such as UX and product design, and other methods such as Lean and Agile
  • when a solution is required for B2B or a platform business
  • design for career and personal life
  • when a customer doesn’t want to create a service design project
  • when a customer wants to create a service design project
  • when you are the customer

Information about the host



Andrey Milinevskiy implemented service design at Kyivstar while working as the leader of Transformation and Innovation. He went on to co-found the CX Design agency, and worked with a number of companies from different sectors (including First Ukrainian International Bank, Nova Poshta, COMFYOKKOeleks, and startups from EC LvBSRadarTech (MHP 2.0) and EO Business Incubators) to apply service design to a range of projects in order to boost the performance of products and services, create new products, and improve the experiences of customers and business teams themselves.



over 20 successful service design projects for large companies and startups in Ukraine, Germany, Slovenia and UAE

From business

Chief Digital Transformation Officer at Kyivstar, B2B Director at Kyivstar, CEO at Beeline Ukraine, CCO at Beeline Ukraine, CEO at Golden Telecom, MBA from Maastricht School of Management, the Netherlands

Master class speaker

on service design at Experience IT Factory, CEM4 Conference, the Conference of Loyalty, Customer Experience Show, LvBS Alumni, kmbs Summer School of Marketing, moderator of CEM4 and CEM5 conferences, mentor at Service Design Jam, Service Design Day, and more

Taught service design

conducted over 15 service design multi-day trainings: 5 Service Design Practical courses, 8 courses for startups at LvBS Center of Entrepreneurship, Radar Tech Accelerator, EO Business Incubators and 3 courses for corporates – PUMB, DTEK, COMFY

Professional coach

author and head of the first Kyivstar Big Data School, head and coach of the Big Data for Owners program, Strategic and Conceptual Selling Miller Heiman certified coach and consultant, Technology of Participation facilitator

SDN Accredited

  Service Design Master Trainer Accredited by  .


The participants will get the SND accredited course certificate.


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